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  Personalized Brooms 

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Earrings, oils


Decorative & Ritual Brooms

Personalized - each broom is an individual artistic creation and yours alone 

Handfastings / Jumping the Broom ceremonies---Native American Indian---Celtic Designs---or other traditions, Astrological---Runic

Little wizards & witches---totem animals

I also can create a broom specific for your business.







Original blends

Specialty personalized blends

Special herbs, oils, charms, talisman or amulet, ribbons and any decoration, emblem or icon you would like, will be worked into your broom.

The intricate broom handle designs are hand painted –NOT stenciled.


Your name or business name can be painted on the handle.



Handfasting brooms in your chosen colors.






Normandy Cross for Wedding Broom


Gift Giving


Gift giving to others or yourself!

It will be sent beautifully wrapped. 

Crafted with the greatest of care, love and artistry.

These brooms are my art and my passion.



Feather Earrings

Glass beading, silver accents

Available to special order- tribal, clan colors

Different feathers available





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Phone: (804) 586-1923

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Magickal Besoms & Brooms, LLC


Enjoy the Ride!



Handfasting Ivy Broom